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Privacy Policy

Rev. 2/4/19

‎General.‎‎ Connect3, LLC ("Connect3") operates (the "Site"), uses the public Internet and third-party networks to provide fax, voice, chat, text messages, and video communication services, provides various programs installed on mobile devices ("Software") and hosted software services ("SaaS Services"). This page informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information we receive from users of the Site, Services, Software and SaaS Services, together the "Services". We use your Personal Information only to provide and improve the Services. By using the Services, you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this policy.‎

Connect3 respects the privacy of all people who use the Services. To better protect your privacy, we provide this notice explaining our online information practices. We recognize the right of all end users to opt out of location-based social media through their service provider or device privacy settings. We also strongly encourage the highest privacy standards of our customers and partners.

Unless otherwise noted, the content of our Services, including but not least text, graphics, and icons, is copyrighted materials of Connect3 and its suppliers and affiliates, and contains Connect3 trademarks, service marks, and trade names. suppliers and affiliates. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You may use the content ONLY to know, evaluate and/or purchase our Services.

We make every effort to provide accurate and timely information; However, there may be inadvertent technical inaccuracies, omissions and typographical errors, for which we apologize. Our services and associated content are delivered "as is" and "as available". Connect3 cannot guarantee that files you download from our Site or use our Services are free of viruses, contamination or destructive features. Connect3 cannot guarantee the confidentiality or security of the Services. Connect3 reserves the right to make changes and corrections at any time, without notice.

If you choose to use the Connect3 Services, our Online Terms of Purchase and Use and EULA are considered the governing agreement between you, as a user of our Services and Connect3, and you supersede any other information on our Site, unless it is an alternative You and Connect3 execute the Subscription Agreement in writing, in which case such Subscription Agreement will govern.

Connect3 is the sole owner of the information collected on the Site, by the SaaS Software or Services. We will not offer, sell, advertise, share, rent or distribute such information to third parties, except as required by subpoena, search warrant, Connect3 Privacy Policy or other legal process, or if failure to disclose information will cause imminent harm to You or others. This includes information derived from the registration, subscription and use of the services provided by us.

Connect3 is committed to doing electronic business with the highest ethical standards and appropriate internal controls. We are also committed to providing better service to our members. Our Privacy Policy applies to all users of our Services. The Connect3 Subscription Agreement and Terms of Purchase and Use are incorporated herein by reference. All terms defined in the Privacy Policy shall have the same meaning as defined in the Subscription Agreement and the Terms of Purchase and Use. Connect3 adheres to the following privacy policies.

1. Definitions.

a. "Non-personal information" is information that is in no way personally identifiable and is automatically obtained by simply using our website with a web browser or software.

b. "Personally identifiable information" is non-publicly identifiable information obtained in connection with the provision of a product or service. You may include information such as name, address, telephone number, transaction information related to the purchase of the Services, credit or debit card number, expiration date and verification number, and financial estimates you provide to us.

2. Information collected.  When you log in to our website, we collect non-personal information, such as browser type and IP address. Similarly, to provide you with significant products and services and for other reasons, we may collect personally identifiable information about you from the following sources:

a. The information you provide us about applications or other forms on our website and/or software, and/or SaaS service; or

b. Information about your transactions with us and our affiliates (contractors and service providers); or

c. The information you send us through any means, including but not including text messages, mail, telephone and social media interaction; or

d. If you use a mobile device platform to access the Services or communicate with Connect3, the information transmitted from your mobile device; or

e. Information purchased from third parties.

3. Registry.  To become a Customer (as defined in the Connect3 End User License Agreement and Terms of Service), you must provide us with the following information to create an account: name, email address, country, and password. Without this minimum amount of information, you cannot create a Connect3 account. Like other passwords, you must choose one that only knows the Connect3 Privacy Policy. Connect3 may ask you for other information during the registration process (e.g. gender, location, etc.) that Connect3 uses to provide better and more personalized services to Customers. You acknowledge that this information is personal to you, and by creating an account on Connect3, you may allow others, including Connect3, to identify you and allow Connect3 to use your information in accordance with our User Agreement.

4. Aditional Information.  Once you become a Customer, you may provide additional information to Connect3 related to your account, Service, or promotions from Connect3 or its affiliates. Connect3 may use any information you provide to Connect3 or any of its affiliates, as described in the Terms of Purchase and Use and this Privacy Policy, including for the purpose of improving the Service or directing you with marketing opportunities. If you choose not to share certain information, you may not receive the full benefit of being a Customer.

5. Customer Service.  We collect information when you interact with Connect3 customer service to accurately classify and respond to customer inquiries and investigate violations of our terms.

6. Use of third-party services and visits to third-party sites.  The information you provide to third-party sites/websites through the Service is not under Connect3's control and you provide such information at your own risk. The terms and conditions of use and privacy policies of those websites to which you provide information through the Service will govern your use of such information. Connect3 will collect all information you share with a third-party site through the Service. Connect3 will use such information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

7. Use of cookies.  When you visit the Site, Connect3 may store certain information on your computer in the form of a "cookie". Cookies are text files placed in your computer's browser to store your preferences. Cookies, by themselves, do not provide Connect3 with any customer information about you. Connect3 uses cookies to understand the use of the website and to improve the content and offers on this website. A cookie cannot read data from your hard drive or read cookie files created by other sites. Cookies do not damage your system. Cookies allow us to recognize you as a user when you return to the Site using the same computer and web browser. We use cookies to identify which areas of our site you have visited, so the next time you visit the site, you can easily access those pages. We may also use this information to better personalize the content you view on the Site. Most browser software can be set to reject cookies. However, if you reject our Cookies, certain features of our Site may not function properly or may not work. We do not link non-personal cookie information to your personally identifiable information. In the course of serving advertisements or optimizing the Service for our Customers, we may allow authorized third parties to place or recognize a unique cookie in your browser. Any information provided to third parties through cookies will not be personally identifiable, but the Connect3 Privacy Policy may provide segment overview to improve your user experience by providing more relevant advertising. Connect3 does not store unencrypted personally identifiable information in cookies.

8. Web beacons.  Connect3 may also use web beacons, pixels, anonymous ad network tags, and cookies to serve advertisements more effectively to our users, as well as to collect non-personal information about your use of our website and the websites of selected sponsors and advertisers, to collect anonymous, aggregated audits, investigations and reports for advertisers, and collect data related to your use of special promotions or newsletters. The information collected by Web Beacons also allows us to statistically monitor how many people open our emails and for what purposes these actions are being taken. Our Web Beacons are not used to track your activity outside of our website or our sponsors' websites. We do not link non-personal web beacon information to personally identifiable information without your permission. However, because your web browser requests advertisements and web beacons directly from ad network servers, these networks may view, edit or configure their own cookies, as if you had requested a website from your site. If you are an unregistered visitor to the site, the only information we collect will be non-personal information through the use of cookies or web beacons.

9. Log files, IP addresses and information about your computer and mobile device.  Due to Internet communication standards, when you visit the Site, we automatically receive the URL of the site you came from and the site you are going to when you leave the Site. In addition, advertisers receive the URL of the page they were on when they clicked an ad on the Site. Connect3 also receives the Internet Protocol ('IP') address of your computer (or the proxy server you use to access the World Wide Web), your computer's operating system and the type of web browser you are using, email patterns, your mobile device (including your UDID), and the mobile operating system (if you are accessing the Site using a mobile device) , as well as the name of your ISP or mobile operator. Connect3 may also receive past location data from third-party services or GPS-enabled devices that you have enabled. In addition, as described above in Section 2.D. Connect3 you receive information when you access third-party websites through the Service. The link between your IP address and your personally identifiable information is not shared with third parties without your permission, except as described in ("Compliance with legal process"), below.

10. Anonymous settings in Grandstream Wave.  If the User submits information using the Anonymous button in our Grandstream Wave mobile app, Connect3 discards the IP address and other personally identifiable information before forwarding the message to the intended recipient. We do not retain such information.

11. Privacy Policy Exemptions.  Our Privacy Policy does not apply to any information you may send to Connect3 or use our Services by email or instant messaging programs (i.e. AOL, Yahoo, etc.), as email and instant messages are not recognized as secure forms of communication. Therefore, we ask that you do not send us any information you consider private by email or instant message. In addition, our Privacy Policy does not apply to any information you post about our Software on other websites (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc.), due to the public nature of such postings.

12. Use of personally identifiable information.  Connect3 uses and/or intends to use personal information to:

a. Operating and improving our services;

b. Provide Customers with the Service and other products and services that a Customer may request or that a Customer has expressed interest in;

c. Facilitate subscription processing, reviews and analysis;

d. Evaluate a person/entity's eligibility for the Service or certain offers, products or services;

e. Assess customer's interest and needs to improve the Service and make available other offers, products or services;

f. Evaluate the types of offers, products or services we make available to Customers and Potential Customers;

g. Track your use of the Services;

h. Track the use of offers, products and services made available by third parties or advertisers;

i. Provide customer support;

j. Communicate and provide additional information that may be of interest to Customers, such as news, special offers, advertisements and marketing materials;

k. Send you reminders, technical notices, updates, security and support alerts and administrative messages, service or marketing bulletins;

l. Provide you with advertisements through the website, emails, text messages, apps or other methods of communication; and

m. Manage our day-to-day business needs, such as site administration, forum administration, compliance, analytics, fraud prevention, compliance with our corporate reporting obligations, Terms of Use, or law enforcement.

n. You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of personally identifiable information you submit to Connect3. Inaccurate information will affect your ability to access our Software, your ability to purchase other products and services from our website, and our ability to contact the Contact3 Privacy Policy as described in this Privacy Policy (i.e., your email address must be kept up to date).

13. Childrens.  Connect3 is committed to protecting children's privacy. Neither our website nor our services are designed or intended for use by persons under the age of 18 without parent supervision. Connect3 is not responsible for determining the age of its users and has no liability in the event that a minor uses our Services to purchase goods and/or services that would otherwise be prohibited due to the child's age. Connect3 encourages parents and guardians to monitor their children's Internet usage as a result.

14. Using credit cards.  You may need to provide a credit card to purchase other products and services from our website. We use third-party billing services and HAVE NO CONTROL over these services. We will do our best to ensure that your credit card number is kept strictly confidential by using third-party billing services that use the latest security encryption technology to protect your credit card number from unauthorized use. However, you understand and agree that we are in no way responsible for the misuse of your credit card number by a third party.

15. Use of aggregated data.  Connect3 may combine the non-personal information you provide through our services with information from other users to create aggregated data that may be disclosed to third parties. The aggregated information does not contain any information that can be used to identify you and does not include your personal contact information. For example, we may use the information collected to create a profile composed of all users of a particular third-party site. Depending on the circumstances, we may or may not charge third parties for this aggregated information. In any case, Connect3 will not disclose your personally identifiable information to any third party without your prior permission, unless otherwise permitted by this Privacy Policy. We require the parties with which we share aggregated information to agree that they will not attempt by any means or use by other parties to transform that information into Personally Identifiable Information.

16. Modifications to connect3's Privacy Policy.  We may make changes to this privacy policy from time to time. The changes will be posted on this site and will take effect from their publication. You are encouraged to periodically return to this site to review published changes.

17. Security policy and user ID/password.  Our site uses various information security measures, such as Internet firewalls, an intrusion detection system, encrypted data transmission and operating procedures to protect your personal data, accounts, passwords, etc. This information is fully maintained Connect3 Privacy Policy separately and confidentially, unless you have given someone else your user ID and password. As such, you must protect your user ID and password and NOT share it with anyone. If you believe your user ID and password have been compromised, please contact our support department so that they can issue you with a new user ID/password (

18. CAN-SPAM Compliance Notice.  Connect3 and its affiliates fully comply with the FEDERAL CAN-SPAM Act. You can always choose not to receive our correspondence by email.

19. Transfer of property.  If full or substantial ownership of our website changes, your user information may be transferred to the new owner so that the service can continue operations. In such transfer of information, your user information will remain subject to the promises of our then-current Privacy Policy.

20. Notice to residents of countries outside Puerto Rico.  Connect3 is headquartered in Puerto Rico. We may access or transfer Personal Information to us in Puerto Rico or to our affiliates, business partners, merchants or service providers in other parts of the world. By providing us with personally identifiable information, you agree to this transfer. We will protect the privacy and security of personally identifiable information in accordance with our Privacy Policy, regardless of where it is processed or stored.

21. Puerto Rico's privacy rights.  Residents of Puerto Rico may obtain certain information about the types of personally identifiable information that companies with which they have an established business relationship have shared with third parties for direct marketing purposes during the current calendar year. In particular, the law provides that companies must inform consumers about the categories of personally identifiable information that have been shared with third parties, the names and addresses of such third parties, and examples of the types of services or products marketed by such third parties. To request a copy of the disclosure of information provided by Connect3, please contact us by email at: Please allow 60 days for an answer.

22. Your acceptance of this privacy policy.  This is our full Privacy Policy and replaces any previous version. You accept it each time you use our website and/or services. We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time, therefore please review it frequently. Changes to this policy may be made with or without notice. If we make material changes to this policy, we will notify you here, by means of a notice on our homepage so that you can access and review the changes to this document before you continue to use the service. If you object to any changes, you can close your account. By continuing to use the Connect3 Services after you have been sent a change notice or posted on the Connect3 website, you agree to the changes. Connect3 Privacy Policy.

23. Questions about this Privacy Policy.  If you have any questions about the privacy of our website and/or services, please send an email to our customer service department (

24. This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the End User License Agreement and Terms of Service.  In the event of a conflict between the End User License Agreement and the Connect3 Privacy Policy, the terms of this Privacy Policy shall prevail.