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‎Connect3 is a telecommunications, media and consulting services and solutions company covering all of Puerto Rico, the United States and other international markets, mainly focused on wholesale markets and other entities that could benefit from our offerings.‎

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‎Our focus on wholesale markets presents the best quality in voice communication at competitive prices for national and international long distance origin and voice termination. Connect3 offers a full range of services and products tailored to any company, reseller or retail customer who needs to increase their revenue streams and improve their profitability.‎

‎As a VoIP solution provider, Connect3 offers a complete VoIP service based on quality, commitment and profitability. We offer you an experienced corporate management structure consisting of a professional, dedicated and qualified team to meet your telecommunications needs or those of your customers.‎

"At Connect3 we are focused on providing you and your organization with high-quality service through the latest technology and the best resources available."‎

‎Connect3 is an important player in the accommodation of IP technology solutions in the global VoIP market. We are strategically located in Puerto Rico and our switches and telecommunications infrastructure are securely hosted at 165 Halsey Street in New York City with direct access to major IP backing networks like AT&T, Verizon, Level (3), British Telecom, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, XO Comm., TeliaSonera, Telecom Italia and TATA Comm., allowing us to offer you high quality IP Voering and Peering services. We also have fully redundant telecommunications services with servers in different locations, such as California, NAP of Americas in Miami, Europe and China.‎

‎Connect3 provides custom and custom hosted softswitch partitions with a variety of options tailored for new or experienced businesses that need to find the right solutions or need to switch telecommunications providers due to low voice quality and poor support.‎

‎We assist our partners by providing them with voice, email, and chat support that allows them to focus and focus their valuable time on their core business.‎

Why Choose Us?

‎Digital trends and cutting-edge technologies give companies the ability to radically change business models and create new products and services.‎


‎To be a leader in the provision of IP communication products and services that we can offer for an intelligent solution to all our customers.‎


‎We are a dynamic company dedicated to providing creative and innovative solutions that is why our main mission is to provide users with a range of state-of-the-art telecommunications services at the best possible price and with the best quality.‎


‎Show total respect for our customers and suppliers. Maintain 100% quality in all our processes and operations. Honesty and teamwork always.‎

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